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#71 on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart this week with "What Kinda Man!"

I have "perma-smile" here in the studio as we work to finish up the full-length. THANK YOU to my Country Radio Family and listeners for all of this momentum. We are so grateful!! 

See you at CRS!

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  "What Kinda Man" has made its way across the pond!! Keep it Country TV featured "Steam" on their "Ladies of Country" program last week and now BBC Radio 2 Country will be airing "What Kinda Man" this weekend!! ..Travel bug is getting bigger..


"What Kinda Man" has made its way across the pond!! Keep it Country TV featured "Steam" on their "Ladies of Country" program last week and now BBC Radio 2 Country will be airing "What Kinda Man" this weekend!! ..Travel bug is getting bigger..


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Thank You Country Radio!

For recently adding "What Kinda Man!"

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FULL Album Coming Soon


STEAM Music Video

Over 100k views on "Steam!" Special thanks to all of our supporters for sharing across all social media!

Over 100k views on "Steam!" Special thanks to all of our supporters for sharing across all social media!



This video is a little taste as to why I have not stopped smiling since being on stage with Hard Promises at the Tom Petty Tribute Night, last Saturday. Everyone knows I am a huge fan of Miranda, Dolly and Stevie.. Getting a chance to try to fill Stevie's shoes was unforgettable. Thank you so much for having me Hard Promises, you are fantastic and it was such an honor. Also, to all who came out to enjoy the night with us! A huge special thanks to the amazing del Lago Resort & Casino staff - it is truly a world class facility. & John CampbellJohn Chmiel and Tony Gross for filming these awesome shots!!



Somebody PINCH ME!! Thank you for EVERYTHING my radio friends and to everyone who's listening! (Throwing a little personal party today at GFI Music!) 10.27.17 - claudia




"Duke Devlin"

We made our way back to the site of Woodstock in 1969, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, this Sunday to perform at the Harvest Festival. Special thanks to Paul Ciliberto at Thunder 102. 

We surprised the "hippy who never left," Duke Devlin, with an original song named after him and presented him a framed copy of the lyrics.

We also got a chance to perform at the Dancing Cat Saloon later in the day AND Paul is going to be playing the song on Thunder 102!!


"It was a day to remember." -Duke Devlin


-Roman Divezur




A day we have been waiting (not so patiently) for!!

We made our full band debut on the "North Stage" at the Fairport Music Festival this Saturday! It was a long awaited and very exciting day! Turned out to be a 9 piece band and an hour long original set! Thank you to everyone who made this possible, it was an honor to help support the Golisano Children's Hospital.

Here's who played! 
Drums: Billy Goodness, Guitar: Tony Gross & Ryan Hurley,
Bass: John Vivattine, Resonator Guitar and
Backing Vocals: Greg Gefell, Backing Vocals: Leecy Momano, Keyboard: Scott Kreyer, Fiddle & Mandolin: Michael Edwards

Videos Coming Soon..

Get a first glance at the "STEAM" Music Video

Question: Can you find the unexpected guest star in the "Steam" music video? If so, where?

Over 18k views in the first few days!!
Thank you for sharing and
showing so much love
for the new music!


We made a special stop to visit our friend Skip Clark at 92.1 The Wolf this week! We had an absolute ball going "Facebook Live" in the Wolf Den and performing three songs, one song being only a day old!
Take a listen! 

Fun times with Big Dog Country's Stone Hill, who started the ball rolling on the radio! Can't thank him enough for taking a chance on the first single "No Matter What it Costs!"



OH MY GOD! Made the first page (Top 80) on the Country Breakout Chart! Thank you to Music Row for putting me in such amazing company!! I can't thank my radio family enough for getting me to this incredible point! "Now On The Chart-Debuting This Week" 

#MusicRowMagazine #CountryMusic #Countrybreakoutchart


OH MY GOD! Made the first page (Top 80) on the Country Breakout Chart! Thank you to Music Row for putting me in such amazing company!!

I can't thank my radio family enough for getting me to this incredible point! "Now On The Chart-Debuting This Week" 

Thank you, Froggy 97!

Our visit to Froggy 97 with James Pond was nothing less than a splash!! We walked through the doors only to run into Gordon and Reagan of Williams Honor! Comedian Matt Clark joined us for a few laughs before he left us to our live performance of "Bring on the Cold." HE called James Pond while we were on the air and Said he almost crashed his car clapping along.

I hope he was kidding because I really did that once!


On Deck- Soon to be Charting.
— Music Row Magazine


Can't stop smiling on the road. We traveled down to Tennessee to visit our friends at 100.9 The Farm and perfom at their incredible Barn Bash! The "Mini Ryman" was packed with true country fans and we couldn't get enough of the night!

Next stop, Bowling Green Kentucky for an on air interview with Greg Almond at Goober 95.1 and a free performance at the legendary Spillway Bar & Grill! 


It was such an honor to have been asked to sing the National Anthem and perform the single "No Matter What it Costs"
at the Penfield Fireworks show! Special thanks to the band "Dog House" for cranking out our tune with us! We had such a great time at the show and the fireworks were nothing but the best!


moved Up to #82!

THis wEEK On Music Row Country music breakout chart! 7.20.17

1st week- Started at #129!

On the Road.

First stop, Bigfoot Country in Sunbury, PA -------------- Next Stop, Thunder 102 Country in Monticello, NY!
Being on the road this week was simply amazing. Thank you (times a million) to Bigfoot Country Radio and Thunder 102 for adding the single to your playlists and for these extra special events that I will never forget. From playing to a packed house overlooking the water with Bigfoot Country, to co-hosting the morning show with Paul Ciliberto & Friends, and playing next to the Woodstock was heaven!

Your kindness was overwhelming and I am still so blown away by all of this!!


Calling All People with Thumbs!!

The "Claudia Hoyser" station is brand new and we've gotta mold it together!!

Pleas give a big thumbs up to "No Matter What it Costs" and whatever other country songs float your boat! 

REALLY IMPORTANT PART! - Please give a thumbs down to any songs that do not sound like us at all! If we all work together, this is going to
be one bossy station!!

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Waking up with Shelly & Kyle on BigFoot Country (6.1.17)

Chatting with Shelly and Kyle about our show at Penn's Tavern (7pm) and our single "No Matter What it Costs!" 

Chatting with Shelly and Kyle about our show at Penn's Tavern (7pm) and our single "No Matter What it Costs!" 

Meet, Greet & Eat
with Skip Clark at 92.1 The Wolf!

We had an awesome time putting names to faces at The Wolf this Thursday!
Skip Clark added No Matter What it Costs to his playlist early on and we could not
be more grateful for their support!

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In Good Company.

Check out WJVL's feature this week! 

A Night on Stage with Eddie Money
at the del Lago Casino & Resort 3.31.17

Ronnie Spector's parts are huge shoes to fill. It was truly an honor trying! 

Claudia Hoyser


So excited to be a part of this incredible new Sony film! Listen for our music in the diner scene and let us know what you think! Safe to say I was speechless when I found out Cam Gigandet plays the lead role in the film!

CRS 2017 DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Check out these pics & VIDS from our trip!

Visited the Kelly & Ken Show at WEIO 100.9 The Farm during our trip down to Nashville for CRS! We had a blast getting to know them, performing and meeting "Creepy Baby." Check it out!

Thank you, Paul, for the coolest ending to our first CRS experience! 

Video taken at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, TN. 


"No Matter What it Costs!"

Thanks to my awesome new friends at radio and my incredibly hard working manager, these stations are now playing the single! 

Past Shows 2017

1.13.18 Ellicottville Brewing Company 

1.12.18 Steuben Brewing Company

1.9.18 Blu Wolf 

1.6.18 Barry's Old School Irish

12.31.17 Private Event 

12.30.17 Label 7

12.29.17 Pittsford Pub 

12.28.17 Craft 120

12.16.17 CB Craft Brewers 

12.15.17 Fireside Inn with 92.1 The Wolf -Syracuse, NY

12.12.17 Titus Tavern 

12.9.17 Private Event

12.8.17 Pittsford Pub

12.7.17 Mulconry's Irish Pub

12.7.17 Toy Drive at WKPQ in Hornell, NY

12.2.17 Pittsford Pub

12.1.17 Pomodoro Grill & Wine Bar

11.28.17 Label 7 

11.25.17 Barry's Old School Irish

11.22.17 Pittsford Pub

11.21.17 Label 7

11.18.17 Pittsford Pub

11.17.17 Turkey Bash with the SkysCoasters - Riverside Convention Center

11.16.17 Chick with Picks with Froggy 97 - Maggie's on the River

11.10.17 Stoneyard American Craft Beer Hall & Grill

11.9.17 Craft 120 

11.7.17 Label 7 

10.25.17 Titus Tavern

10.21.17 Noble Shepherd Craft Brewery

10.20.17 Label 7

10.14.17 Pittsford Pub

10.13.17 Private Party 

10.10.17 Label 7

10.7.17 Barry's Old School Irish

10.6.17 Pittsford Pub 

10.3.17 Label 7

9.30.17 Pittsford Pub

9.29.17 Sambuca

9.24.17 Private Event

9.20.17 Private Event

9.17.17 Point of the Bluff Vineyard

9.16.17 Pittsford Pub

9.15.17 Label 7

9.14.17 Mulconry's Irish Pub and Grill

9.5.17 On Air with Paul Ciliberto Thunder 102 

9.3.17 Dancing Cat Saloon 

9.3.17 Harvest Festival at Bethel Woods, NY -Woodstock

9.2.17 Private Event

9.1.17 Private Event

8.31.17 Pittsford Pub

8.30.17 Penn's Tavern with Bigfoot Country 

8.30.17 On Air & Live Performance at Bigfoot Country, PA

8.29.17 Label 7

8.26.17 Full Band Debut at Fairport Music Festival

8.22.17 On Air at the 95.1 Wolf with Skip Clark

8.19.17 Label 7

8.18.17 Pittsford Pub

8.16.17 Radio Promo Show with Big Dog Country at Smokeman's BBQ

8.15.17 On Air with Big Dog Country 103.6

8.12.17 Private Event 

8.11.17 Mac's on Hertel

8.5.17 Barry's Old School Irish

8.4 Pittsford Pub

7.28.17 Thousand Islands Park, NY

7.27.17 Cavallario's - Alexandria Bay, NY

7.27.17 Co-Host & performance on Froggy 97 Watertown, NY

7.22.17 Hedges

7.21.17 Pomodoro Grill & Wine Bar

7.20.17 Towpath Grille 

7.19.17 Midvale 

7.19.17 Private Event

7.18.17 Label 7

7.15.17 Barry's Old School Irish

7.13.17 Lux Lounge 

7.10.17 Spillway Bar and Grill - Bowling Green, TN

7.10.17 On Air with Goober 95.1 & Greg Almond

7.8.17 Barn Bash- WEIO 100.9 The Farm - Huntingdon, TN

7.6.17 Mulconry's Irish Pub

7.1.17 Penfield Fireworks Show

7.1.17 Private Event

6.30.17 Webster Summer Concert Series

6.24.17 National Anthem at Rochester Rattlers Game

6.23.17 Pomodoro Grill & Wine Bar

6.23.17 Private Event

6.22.17 Genesee Brew House

6.17.17 Fairport Bash

6.17.17 Honeydipper Festival

6.16.17 Pittsford Pub

6.10.17 Private Event 

6.6.17 Label 7 

6.3.17 Barry's Old School Irish 

6.2.17 Dancing Cat Saloon - Bethel, NY

6.2.17 Co-hosting Thunder 102 Morning Show - Monticello, NY

6.1.17 Bigfoot Country Show at Penn's Tavern - Sunbury, PA

5.27.17 Pittsford Pub & Grille

5.26.17 Argyle Grill at Eagle Vale Golf Course

5.13.17 Sambuca Bar & Grill

5.12.17 Pomodoro Grill & Wine Bar

5.6.17 Pittsford Pub & Grille

4.27.17 Froggy 97 Private Listener Showcase- Watertown, NY

4.8.17 Historic German House

4.6.17 Mulconry's Irish Pub & Restaurant

3.24.17 BSide

3.18.17 Pomodoro Grill & Wine Bar

3.17.17 Pub 235

3.11.17 Pomodoro Grill & Wine Bar

3.5.17 Fandango at the Tango Cafe

3.4.17 Barry's Old School Irish

3.3.17 Mulconry's Irish Pub & Restaurant

2.25.17 Pomodoro Grill & Wine Bar

2.22.17 Country Radio Seminar Nashville, TN

2.17.17 Pittsford Pub

2.11.17 Pomodoro Grill & Wine Bar - Monroe Ave. Location

2.10.17 Three Heads Brewing

2.4.17 Barry's Old School Irish

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Listen for Me During the Superbowl!

I had yet another amazing opportunity to sing for UR Medicine in celebration of their 200th heart transplant! Look for this moving commercial during the Superbowl on Sunday!

On Air at Kickin' Country 105.3 with Lee Richey!

On air at Kickin' Country 105.3 with gracious host Lee Richey! We had a blast talking about their "Kickin' Premier Song," No Matter What it Costs. Of course, we had a lot to chat about and even performed a few live songs! Take a listen if you missed it!

tango 12.18.16.jpg

"This Story" Live Video

 We just released the live video of "This Story," ft. Chris Wilson and Ryan Hurley... AND WE RELEASED THE VERY FIRST TAKE! I am so happy to share this song with you. It's about new love and wondering if it's going to work out or not! Look for the live version on iTunes & Spotify soon!





ITS HERE! Single on Spotify now!



now on NETFLIX!

A picture from my acting debut!! My first major film! I didn't have a really big speaking role but I got to sing four songs on the soundtrack. It was amazing to be a part of. I would love to act more in the future. Huge thank you to director Nick DiBella for all of the support!


"You Are My Sunshine" -

UR Medicine Superbowl Commercial

Singing "You Are My Sunshine" for the Golsiano Children's Hospital Superbowl Commercial, 2016 turned out to be one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever had. It wasn't until after the commercial aired that I got to see it and realized how much of an impact it would have on people, especially families connected to these lovely children.