I have to admit, I was shocked to hear how many people said this song is their favorite on the Steam EP. We did name the EP after this song for a number of reasons, however I didn't truly expect everyone to love it the most, given its old-timey feel and sound.. (especially young people.) I hope this song and it's story inspire you to dream and be daring enough to go after something you want! Please help me out by sharing this video if you enjoy it! Changing my future one share at a time..

Huge gigantic thank you to everyone who has played on these songs like heros and to Tony Gross 
for being the best co-writer, producer, manager, partner ever!

Paul Swaitek
Greg Gefell
Michael Edwards
Ryan Hurley
John Robert Viavattine
Billy Goodness
Scott Kreyer



Just Released!
"No Matter What it Costs"Music Video
Just a fun DIY! Enjoy!

Claudia's Classic
Country Covers

Take Me Home, Country Roads


WilL The Circle Be Unbroken

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind

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This Story


"This Story" Live from GFI Studios ft. CHRIS WILSON & RYAN HURLEY 


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